ChessXpansefor Chess Players

Engage your opponent from all directions from your first move

The War changes with each Battle. There are 6 sizes of chess boards for 66 Battles

Not an actual battle.

Three New Pieces

All pieces are in close proximity to one another.
The power of chess pieces are magnified. 
Pieces can be taken in almost every move.

The Mage moves 3 + 1, or 1 + 3 in any direction and at any angle.

There can be multiple Kings on the Board. The object is to kill the opponent’s last king.

The Archer leaps by 2. 
It can make multiple kills.

Not an actual battle.

When a pawn reaches the last rank, it can vanish or be reborn to the first rank.

The Gatekeeper moves at right angles and leaps over spaces and pieces.

There can be up to three Queens on a board.

11 Levels culminating in a final Hybrid War (alternating 6 Game Boards), with
HyperSpin rotating during the midst of battle. 

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